Texas approves a $85 billion road-building plan.

The Texas Department of Transportation's 2023 Unified Transportation Program, announced its unanimous acceptance, has advanced a record-breaking $85 billion, 10yr statewide highway development plan.

a 188-page construction planning and development document that directs work on 562 listed transportation projects in Texas

In addition to UTP, a total of $117 billion was invested in over 7,000 transportation projects during the length of the program, including $32 billion for routine maintenance and project development.

Although the majority of the financing is allocated to populous areas, the plan also includes a historic increase in funding to $14 billion for projects in rural areas.

Numerous UTP projects are key connectivity corridors and road segments that are included among Texas' 100 Most Congested Roadways.

TxDOT has allocated $30 million in the 2023 UTP to expand and repurpose safety rest sites with increased room for truck parking.

$16.6 billion is also requested in the proposal for rehabilitation and preventative maintenance of the current state highway system, which includes repairing pavement, signs, and signals.

$10.7 billion for metro and urban corridor projects that generally include road expansion and interchange upgrades to ease state highway traffic congestion.

$12.2 billion toward statewide connectivity corridor improvements for high-traffic route mobility, two-lane roads expansion to four-lane and Ports-to-Plains freight corridor

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute estimates that the UTP's $8.5 billion in average yearly investment over the next 10 years will result in economic benefits of $15.5 billion annually.

There are anticipated to be 58,500 additional direct and indirect employment, according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

- $4.5B for the I-35 Capital Express Central project to expand the highway in Austin. - $982M for I-45 projects in Houston.


- $940M for I-35 in the San Antonio area. - $807.52M for US 380 in Collin County.