Ford officially launches its $5.6 billion Tennessee EV project.

The greatest industrial project in the 119-year history of Ford Motor Co. has started with the development of its $5.6 billion electric car production plant in western Tennessee.

The BlueOval City location is six square miles in size, which is three times larger than Henry Ford's famous Rouge complex in Michigan.

The plant, which is expected to be finished in 2025, will generate around 6,000 jobs when it opens and will be the most modern vehicle manufacturing complex in Ford history.

Since Ford and Walbridge started prepping the ground for the development in March, there had already been a significant amount of work.

More than 4.6 million cubic meter of earth have been transported by workers, which is enough to fill over 34,500 home swimming pools.

Nearly 370,000 tons of stone have been poured, equivalent to more than 1,600 Statues of Liberty.

More than 4,600 deep foundations were built, equal the height of almost 176 Eiffel Towers when laid end to end.

According to Ford's project leader, the work crew started building the battery plant's steel framework earlier this month and will begin installing structural beams on the assembly plant in October.