Dubai, known for its lavish lifestyle, will now construct its own 'Moon,' a $5B mega hotel themed like the celestial body. A Proposed moon resort in Dubai will allow you to travel to space from earth.

Moon World Resorts Inc., a Canadian corporation, is constructing a large tourist attraction in the form of the moon.

The project, with height  224m and have a 198m sphere's circumference. Project completion is anticipated to take 48 months 

The resort will include 4,000 luxury resorts, 300 buyable boutique, private apartments, modern facilities, a spa center, and vibrant nightlife. The Moon Resort would host 10 million visitors annually

On the top level of this structure, casinos will occupy 23% of the space, followed by nightclubs with 9% and restaurants with 4%.

The lavish terrace of the resort will be divided in 1/3 by the beach club, the lagoon, and the majestic amphitheater.

The fully integrated resort will be built to LEED Gold five-star specifications and "managed at a five-diamond level."

The Moon World Resort experience will be substantially less expensive, with visitors paying US$500 to stroll the resort's "lunar surface."

MWR intends to provide licenses for four Moon Destination Resorts, one in each of North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia (MENA), and Asia.