Dubai Frame, the biggest frame on the planet

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project details

Location - Za'abeel Park, Dubai, UAE Developer - Dubai Municipality  Contractors - Al Rostamani Pegel Project Cost - $43.5 Million Opening  - 2013 - 2018

"The structure is 150m high, 93m wide. The observation deck is 100m wide bridge fitted with 116sqm clear glass floor to give ground view"

"Around 10,000cum of concrete, 2,000MT of steel and  15,000sqm of gold-coloured stainless steel covers Dubai Frame"


"The central bridge was raised in two days by four massive hydraulic jacks at a speed of 3.5mm per second"

Thick Brush Stroke

"Around 2,900sqm of laminated glass panels were used in construction. Panels can filter ultraviolet and infrared radiation"

"The total area of the structure is 7,145m2 and weight around 3,000MT


"The Sky deck elevator travels 48 floors in just 75 seconds. Elevators are installed in both towers"

"The observation deck offers views of Old Dubai to North and New Dubai to South. One can witness the real transformation of Dubai"