Construction Delay Claims: Strategies for Success

Explanation of delay claims Delay claims are legal disputes that arise when one party believes that the other party is responsible for causing a delay in a construction project. These claims typically involve allegations that the delayed party failed to meet deadlines, caused inefficiencies, or did not adhere to the terms of the contract. In … Read more

Construction pricing and costing

Introduction to construction pricing and costing Construction pricing and costing are essential aspects of any construction project. Prices and costs determine the financial feasibility of a project, impact the overall budget, and play a significant role in the decision-making process for both contractors and clients. Understanding construction pricing and costing is crucial for all parties … Read more

Density of Construction Materials

Here is a list of construction materials along with their approximate density: Please note that the densities provided are approximate values and can vary depending on factors such as moisture content, temperature, and specific product formulations. DensityDensityDensityDensity

RFQ, RFP, and RFI in Construction: Differences Explained

Requests for qualifications (RFQs), requests for proposal (RFPs), and requests for information (RFIs) are some of the most common requests in the construction industry. Owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors rely on requests like these to get information about design, qualifications, and feasibility throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.  RFQ vs. RFP vs. RFI While RFIs, RFQs, … Read more

Cost Estimation Guide for Construction Projects

Construction estimation Construction estimation is the process of calculating all of the required costs for a construction project, including direct costs (e.g. materials and worker wages) and indirect costs (e.g. equipment depreciation and office worker salaries). Professional construction estimators perform this essential step in the preconstruction process, which helps ensure that owners and contractors are able to complete … Read more

Thumb Rules in Construction

Thumb Rules? Thumb Rule is the method used for quick and approximate calculations by multiplying the desired entities (i.e. area, volume etc.) with some constant values derived from our regular jobs and previous experience etc. Many times, we deal with such jobs, which need instant calculations in order to be more productive. Hence, it becomes … Read more

Tender process for construction projects

This blog describes the standard tendering procedure for any construction projects.  What is Tender? Tender is the set of documents released by the client to invite number of prospective contractors in response to which contractors submit their proposal to provide their goods or services.   What is Tendering? Tendering is the process in construction industry whereby … Read more