Building Construction Methodology


The work methodology has been prepared to provide a brief explanation of the work sequence involved in construction of “XXX” Multi Storey Residential Building at “XXX”. A detailed draft of construction methodology and procedures with an outlined Baseline Programme for all procurement and construction will be prepared and submitted as per contract requirements once the actual work will commence at site.

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Project Identification: Name of the project on the Contract Documents is Construction of “XXX” Building (Total 153 Apartments). The project shall consist of the following spaces; as indicated on drawings and documents:

  • The ground floor consists of 11 retail shops with average size of 85 m2 and total of 940 m2 that will be rented on commercial basis and can be merged together to have size flexibility. The outer green area will be an added value to the retail shops especially for F&B outlets.
  • The common green area will provide nice breathing spaces for the surrounding buildings tenants and will enhance footfall density of people walking around the area.
  • The ground will be used predominately to serve the retail cluster, whereas the rest of car parks will be distributed over 3-level podium that will supply a 2 car parks per residential apartment.
  • The typical residential floors consist of 153 apartments of 3 types and size range between 145 to 166 sqm
  • The scope of work is inclusive of MEP Works and external works as shown in the drawings. Mockup apartment(s) should be completed within 6 months from the date of commencement.


Prior to the commencement of the construction works, the following documentation and technical information shall be reviewed and verified, so far as they are applicable to the particular works.

  • Issued For Construction drawings
  • General Construction Specifications

Due consideration shall be given to all information obtained from the above documents during the construction process, and all necessary precautions, procedures and protection shall be implemented and monitored accordingly.


On the date of issue of possession of site for temporary facilities, all mobilization of offices and stores in the designated area. After filling and compaction works for site offices, based on the possession of site by the client, the site offices in accordance with the temporary site office specification detailed in the tender specification will be mobilized. Contractor will be establishing centralized stores and material’s yard which would be used for material inventory as the buffer stock for the entire project.


Contractor will have a Main land office which will be handling all correspondences with the Client, Consultant and Engineer. The site team will be headed by the Project Manager who will in turn be supported by the team of experienced and skilled engineers as per the organization matrix.


  • An overall site set-up layout drawing and logistic plan will be prepared and submitted to the consultants for approval.
  • The site offices for the technical and clerical staff, the foremen and supervisors, will be first erected. Furniture, equipment, stationary for the staff, in general, will be provided as required.
  • The offices will have the necessary facilities, i.e., natural and artificial lighting, air conditioning wall units, washrooms with plumbing and drainage installation, drinking water, etc.
  • Temporary power supply either from the nearby Sub-station or generator will be provided and distributed as required.
  • Floodlights (or adequate lighting) will be installed at strategic points over the Site.
  • Sheds for storing materials will be provided in convenient locations.
  • Covered car parks will be provided for the senior staff.
  • Dining & Personal Hygiene: Covered dining areas for working personnel with washing facilities and toilets will be provided.
  • Plant for initial requirements on Site:
  • Mobile crane for unloading & placing cabins.
  • Lorries, Flat bed, 6-wheeler, Hi-ab and Pick-ups for bringing site office materials
  • Excavating and loading machinery for initial operations – earthworks.
  • Dumpers, Compressors, Vibrators as necessary.
  • Safe Ingress / Egress
  • Safe ingress and egress shall be given to workers and equipment to and from the working areas.
  • All the works shall be carried out with proper access or egress where needed or required.
  • Where the works are required to be undertaken adjacent to public roads, access to the working area shall be from the side of the road and not directly from the road. While works are in progress in such areas, traffic barriers, warning signs and warning tapes and flash lights shall be used to demarcate the work area and provide protection to the commuters.
  • Lighting
  • The works will be undertaken in daylight conditions; accordingly, no special / specific safety and / or task lighting is required.
  • Adequate lights shall be used when working at night and internal building area.

Gradually the numbers of plant and equipment will be increased, in accordance with the work requirements to ensure the smooth execution of the construction works.

Contractor shall arrange to deliver all the day to day materials to site as per material tracking schedule in conjunction with the baseline Program as approved from the consultant. Various workshop for cutting/bending reinforcement, joinery and light/heavy metal workshop, aluminum and tinsmith workshops shall be arranged to work for the project upon award of project. Contractor is well equipped and staffed with experienced Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen & trade persons capable of delivering the project as per agreed scope.

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A typical list of plant and equipment required for the project is provided along with the details of required resources. The list is not exhaustive, however the suitable plant and equipment required for completing the work will be used in order to carry out each activity. Other equipment related to supplier and sub‐contractors will be used in site as per material and logistics planning schedule.


The approved materials will be used for the work and shall be inspected and verified during delivery time with respect to project specifications and materials approval submittals. 


Contractor will deploy a team of experienced craftsman with hands in state of art technology within the construction fraternity. A well drafted Manpower procurement schedule with histogram will be floated for consultant’s approval complying with the approved baseline program. Each activity will be planned and executed in accordance with the progressions made in the Manpower forecast without any loss of productivity to the client.



The work will commence with the site clearance and realignment of the existing service lines if any which may hinder excavation and dewatering. The dewatering well point will be set up in accordance with the excavation plan and soil investigation report. The team will progressively work on excavation with dewatering, blinding, waterproofing and footing works in overlapping fashion at the basement floor to raise the retaining wall in order to maximize production and minimize time for substructure works.

The duration for completion of each activity is indicative and will vary according to site requirements and work methodology proposed at the time of construction.


  • Survey and setting out works to be carried out at site using the coordinates provided by Engineer and using reference points at site.
  • Establish excavation levels as per approved drawing.
  • Pile driving and casting.
  • Provide ducts & pipe works for mechanical/electrical installation (buried services) as required and as specified in the drawings in the basement buildings.
  • Provide Anti-termite treatment for horizontal and vertical excavated area.
  • Provide blinding layer as specified in structural drawings.
  • 2 layers of water proofing membrane Vertical and horizontal waterproofing to sides of foundation, retaining wall and grade beams to be provided as specified in the Structural drawings.
  • Formwork, sub-structure block work for retaining wall, reinforcement installation and column positions to be as per structural drawings.
  • All substructure foundation concreting works to be succeeded once final inspection is carried out and approval to proceed is received from Engineer.
  • All Safety measures and barriers will be taken care at the time of construction in excavated area.



Works at superstructure level shall commence and proceed in floor level bases after taking the concern from consultant engineer. Concrete works columns, beams, suspended slab, parapet wall to be carried out as per structural drawing. Erection of slabs for floors after the approval of consultant for subcontractor proposal for the post tension slab layout and methodology.

 Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)

  • All mechanical and electrical installations will be done by approval of subcontractor.
  • MEP works generally will be undertaken in three stages. The first stage, 1st Fix, will include conduits and wiring, concealed pipe work and equipment above the ceiling level. This work will overlap with, and complete after the block work. On completion plastering and tiling works will be undertaken depending on the room data sheets and scopes.

The second stage, Second Fix, will include the installation of electrical distribution boards and terminations, pipe work and wiring connections to the MEP equipment together with the installation of sanitary fixtures including connections to the waste and water supply pipe work. This work will follow plastering and tiling works. All necessary testing will be undertaken in conjunction with this stage of the works.

The third stage, Final Fix, based on the FF&E plan and provisional sums the installation of switches, sockets, light fittings and ventilation controls together with the wiring terminations and testing will be enabled. This stage will follow the installation of suspended ceilings and completion of painting. As in the contract the scope will be based on the provisional sum award and PC rates.

  • Following completion of the finishes the M & E final fix will be carried out, followed by Testing and Commissioning.


  • Following the completion of the external works the external services works will be undertaken. This will include the connection to the below slab drainage stubs and the connection to the existing sewer adjacent the property boundary.
  • On completion of the drainage works all other service mains will be brought into the building and the external lighting cables installed. After the services have been completed the kerbs and paving to the driveway will be installed.


  • After finishing all activities and site is ready, pre‐testing, pre‐commissioning, and site cleaning work will be carried out in line with the FF&E works.
  • Inspection, Snag identification, preparation of punching list, completing all snag list comments to be done.
  • Final coat to be applied with FF&E coordination.
  • Final Testing and commissioning to be done with FF&E coordination works.
  • Arrange for Handing Over to the Client or his representative.


It is assumed that the items under the Provisional Sum shall be finalized within the stipulated time so that execution of the same by specialized subcontractor will be done as planned in the attached program of work.


  • Hazards / Risk control measures will be submitted prior to start the works activity.
  • 3rd party protection – Access to the work areas will be restricted / protected with warning tape where required to demarcate the restricted access to the work areas.


  • Mobile phones shall be used by all supervisors and foremen.
  • A fully equipped First Aid Box shall be kept at working areas at all times.
  • To tackle the emergency situation at work site the following procedures shall be followed:
  • The alarm shall be raised in the immediate vicinity by shouting loudly the nature of emergency to alert co-workers nearby.
  • Immediate call and report shall be done for the emergency situation to the company’s project manager and the job supervisor. State the location and the nature of the emergency, employer name and company, and any other relevant information.
  • The supervisors’ instructions and the directions shall be followed, and provide assistance where requested and when safe to do so.
  • The emergency contacts persons and numbers notice shall be placed at the work areas.


  • Experienced and trained foreman, supervisors, masons, steel fixers, carpenters, welders and laborers shall be deployed in the works.
  • The job procedure and method of working shall be explained to all workers by foremen / supervisors prior to commencement of the works.


The allotted work supervisor will be present at site during the construction works and shall retain control of the same at all times.


The site general working hours shall be followed for the works. In case the working time extends, the lighting arrangements shall be made by the way of temporary flood lights.


  • Construction area debris shall be cleaned regularly and removed from the site to an approved dumping area.
  • The work area shall be kept always in clean and tidy condition.


      Inspection and testing shall be undertaken and documented in compliance with inspection and test plan prior to start each construction activity.


            As Fundament we shall continuously strive to improve our capabilities and credentials through developing and development competent manpower and resources. Hence with the pool of well experienced Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen & trade persons diverse with the state of art technology within the wide limits of the entire construction group shall deliver the project as per the accepted scope and within the agreed time.

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