7 Best Windows for New Construction

There are a lot of expectations and obstacles involved with building a new house. You don’t have to become anxious and take rash actions, though. You must pay close attention to every element and take your time selecting each one. Window is the same.

Windows are a crucial component of a home and play a significant role in the value and quality of the structure. Every room should have windows, ideally large ones, as natural light should be a top focus. It should come as no surprise that you need to take great care when selecting the appropriate windows for your property given its significance as a house feature.

With so many alternatives available, it is obvious that the selecting process has grown more difficult. There are still a few things, though, to which you should pay special attention. When determining quality, factors including the material, strength, and insulation are all important. Learn more here.

In addition to all of this, window’s usefulness is greatly influenced by their design and opening method. Some of the types for new building are listed below for your consideration.

single hung windows

1. Single hung windows

Single-hung windows are suitable for both residential and commercial applications due to their elegance and adaptability. These are among the most frequently installed windows. This window moves up and down vertically. Unlike double-hung window, single-hung window only have a movable bottom sash and a fixed top sash. Single-hung windows are sometimes designed with an arched or specialty-shaped top for increased aesthetic appeal and more natural light.

Benefits of Single Hung Window

Security – A single-hung window’s locking mechanism has fewer possible sites of failure since it only opens in one direction. With just one lock to engage on each window, it is also simpler to lock up at night or for the season.

Energy efficiency – Fixed windows are the most energy-efficient kind of window since very little air penetration occurs. Single-hung windows only have one moveable sash, thus even when the window ages and somewhat settles or warps, less air passes through the fixed sash. Lower cooling and heating costs are a result of less air infiltration.

Space-saving versatility – Because of its adaptable design, single-hung windows are popular in bedrooms, studies, living rooms, and corridors. Window that slides rather than pivot outward are advantageous for rooms that face out onto busy walkways or patios. As a result, more light and air may enter the area without taking up important outside living space.

Cost – Single-hung windows are an excellent option if you need to operate the top sash but are on a tight budget and want new window/s. They are often more cheap than double-hung windows because they have fewer moving components.

double hung windows

2. Double hung windows

Among the most popular window styles are double-hung windows. They are ideal for any style of space and décor. They have the benefit over single-hung windows in that the top and bottom may glide up or down according to choice or requirement.

With these windows, you can take in some fresh air without worrying about the safety of your pets or young children. Double-hung windows are very simple to maintain and clean.


It might be difficult to understand the distinctions between the various window designs with so many options. The following characteristics apply to double hung windows:

  • Double-hung windows feature two components that glide up and down.
  • The sashes may be taken out to bring in fresh air and to make cleaning simpler.
  • The majority of double-hung windows employ springs to support the sashes as they open and close.
  • Double hung windows can be paired with shutters.

Benefits of Double-Hung Window

Easy Cleaning – Double-hung windows are significantly simpler to clean on the inside and exterior since the sashes can be removed. Beneficial in places where weather and humidity may cause dirt, mold, and other buildup on the outside of your windows.

Better Safety – Simply open the top sash instead of the bottom one to enjoy the cool summer breezes and keep your loved ones secure with double hung windows.

Appealing design – Double hung windows may complement a range of home décors, whether trying for a classic appearance or something more contemporary.

3. Awning Windows

This style of window pivots outward and is hinged at the top. Although they are often positioned at the top, you have the option of choosing another placement. They provide great room ventilation because to their tilting capability of up to 45 degrees. They are among the most common window kinds for bathrooms and kitchens as a result.

Benefits of Awning Window

Easy to Open – A crank is often used in awning windows, which makes them relatively simple to operate.

Suits All Decors – Awning windows may be used practically everywhere, whether your property is conventional or contemporary. Pair shutters with awning windows to update a traditional design, or use awning windows to add a fashionable touch to your modern home.

Better Ventilation – Awning windows are ideal for rooms that need regular ventilation, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and since they may be set high, they provide privacy. You’ll have better air quality and plenty of natural light!

Use Rain or Shine – Because they open at the top, you may leave your windows open during a rainstorm without fear of water leaking into your home. This is ideal for houses that are regularly subjected to adverse weather, yet homeowners still want to allow fresh air in on occasion.

4. Arched Windows

arched windows

For many ages, arched windows have been an important component of architecture. In reality, they were widely utilized in Roman building. It has proven to be a timeless standard in modern architecture as well, simply because it is a timeless classic. Arched windows can help to improve the architectural image of your property while also increasing its total worth.

Arched windows are sometimes known as radius windows because they have an arch that resembles a radius. The arch softens the appearance of the space and makes it less harsh around the edges. They can also provide you with a larger perspective of the surroundings. So, whether you want to view the dawn with a cup of coffee in the morning or the sunset at the end of a hard day, arched windows can help you.

Benefits of Arched Window

Classical Appeal – These provide a distinct and majestic appearance. Because most houses only have rectangular windows, an arched style might help your property stand out. Furthermore, arched window has a timeless charm, since they have traditionally been employed in both classic and modern architecture. Arched window, in particular, functions well as a design emphasis in the latter.

Versatility – Arched window may also be customized with various grille kinds, patterns, and ornamental glass. Round, semi-circular, oval, and other unique window forms are available and may be combined.

Low Maintenance – These require very little maintenance. You don’t have to worry about leaks or other problems because they are usually fixed windows with no capacity to open or close. You must maintain them clean on the inside and outside.

Cost Saver – Arched window ais often on the more cheap side, particularly if you choose to add partial arches to already-existing windows. Your windows don’t need to be entirely replaced; you may thoroughly refurbish them. For much less money, it will have the appearance of a brand-new window.

5. Garden Windows

garden windows

For those who enjoy plants and want a little bit of nature in their homes, this window is ideal. They protrude from the home, allowing you to exhibit flowers or succulents in your living room or cultivate herbs in your kitchen. Your plants will have access to sunlight just like they would outside without being susceptible to the weather because of the sloping glass walls and ceiling.

Additionally, by taking use of the sunshine and a better view of the outside, tiny and medium-sized dogs can also benefit from this window. More natural light entering the home and the distinctive appearance it provides the area are two additional advantages.

Benefits of Garden window

Lighting – A garden window, as opposed to a regular window, which is positioned flush against the side of the house, spreads out from the house, allowing in much more natural light. Because of how it is built, it also allows fresh air to move more easily into the home than most ordinary windows.

Decorative – A garden window also adds shelf space to a room, making it great for plants, suncatchers, and other decorative things that may add interest and character.

Style – Garden window often has at least four panes of glass, which makes the house appear much more lovely than it would with a regular window in lieu of it.

View – A garden window is a terrific option if you want to see your yard more clearly. With enhanced peripheral vision provided by this window, you can take in more of the hard work you’ve put into making the exterior of your home lovely. The top slanting pane of glass in your new garden window will also let you see the sky. This has the potential to greatly expand a kitchen sink space.

6. Slider Windows

sliding windows

The slider window is one of the most common ones today (also known as a glider).Instead of opening up and down like double hung window does, this window slides along the window frame to open horizontally.

Benefits of Slider window

Energy Efficiency – Modern sliding window has high-quality window glass and provide excellent thermal insulation, making them an energy-efficient tool. This minimizes energy consumption at home and hence energy costs, resulting in significant savings in your wallet. A well-constructed sliding window may also operate as a barrier against road dust, unconditioned air, and unwanted sounds such as rain tapping on window glass and dogs howling outside.

Low Maintenance – These window has fewer components than traditional ones. Because of this, they are low maintenance and cost efficient.

Durability – Over time, pulleys and even springs deteriorate and fail. Slider window does not depend on these components to open; most of them also include glass, which increases their endurance.

Ease of Use – They are incredibly simple to open since they Glide to the side rather than being pushed up. This is something to think about if you are redesigning your house to make it more useful.

Natural Light – They flood the room with natural light and contribute to its illumination. As a result, there is less demand for artificial lighting, which lowers utility expenses.

7. Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement window has an almost-doorlike outward opening. You may gradually get greater access to the outdoors by turning a handle on a crank that is located on the window.

The casement window’s ability to maximize the window opening by not having a central mullion is its most obvious visual distinction from other kinds of windows. Discover some of the advantages of casement window by reading on.

Benefits of Casement Window

Energy Efficiency – Casement window may be firmly sealed by hand, allowing you to seal the window and prevent energy loss. Consider casement window if you want to save money on your utility expenses. They’ll help you save money year after year without having you to give up your desire for a totally open window.

High Security Ratings – Casement window close completely on all sides, making it incredibly difficult to break in. Even if someone smashes the glass while attempting to enter your house, reaching in to turn the crank might be difficult.

Design Casement windows may add a touch of elegance and beauty to any home’s design. Casement window guarantees that you add attractiveness without sacrificing functionality.

Provide Exceptional Airflow – When combined with screens, they let in fresh air while keeping out undesired particles and insects. Many homeowners like casement window in their kitchens and bathrooms because they let in fresh air fast.

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